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Women Who Love Psychopaths Inside the Relationships of inevitable Harm With Psychopaths, Sociopaths Narcissists

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I have worked my whole career of 30+ years with narcissists, anti-socials, psychopaths and the women and children who loved them. The first edition of this book (2008) began exploring these relationships of inevitable harm as the book s first edition was the FIRST book to ever look at these relationships, the women, and their trauma. Since then, the field is exploding with the recognition of these dangerous and traumatizing pathological love relationships. Survivor books of My Life with a Narcissist/Psychopath fill book shelves giving a traumatizing view of the ordeal, but little understanding of: the survivor's trauma behind the dangerous relationship what about her personality caused her to be targeted why her symptoms are often missed even by therapists how the survivor s recovery is different than domestic violence survivors or codependent/addicted relationships. Other books on this topic tell a story. But you likely either already know the story because you lived it and are probably not looking for another story you could read on social media. You are looking for answers. This book is written by the person who initiated a whole field of a new type of counseling and recovery for survivors. It is written by a trauma professional who also worked in abnormal psychology with narcissists and psychopaths and who spent decades treating hundreds of their survivors with credible recovery solutions that go beyond self-help measures of go no contact. This is not a book about stories. It is a book about real science and real answers--the real science of the disorders in your partner that caused your trauma; the science of what happened to your brain and why it was hard to disengage from the relationship despite your internal fortitude; the science of why your trauma is often misdiagnosed; and why you aren't progressing as well as you could in recovery. Most importantly, it s about the real science behind your personality personality trait elevations that REMAIN a risk factor in potential future pathological/toxic relationships and what you should know about these traits. It s not about being an empath or codependent or having a self-love deficit or being relationship addicted despite what you have read by bloggers. It s the answers from the only research done on the survivor to understand how this happened and how those personality traits have enhanced your trauma, kept you in the relationship longer than you know you should have been, and how these traits complicate your recovery. This book is about your atypical trauma that family, friends, bloggers, and therapists have gotten really wrong. Really wrong. Survivors can t get well with the wrong treatment approach, whether a self-help approach or a therapy, no matter how long they stay at it. Incorrect is still incorrect. The chapters on recovery focus on the survivor s difficulty in finding competent care for this relatively new type of recovery. Survivors have found the options to be to use a traumatized survivor blogger who understands the relationship but cannot treat trauma, or to use a therapist who doesn t understand the relationship. Shared are insights into what should comprise competent care for the survivor, who not to use, how to find the right therapist, how to work with a trauma therapist who doesn t understand these relationships, use of social media, survivor experts, support groups, and self-help methods. For survivors looking for more than Blogger-ology labels and practices and more than My Life With a Narcissist stories, this book is for the conscientious recovery seekers who want real answers to what happened, AND it is a book that any therapist will utilize in your treatment. Real science for real recovery with real professionals.